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What are the benefits of "Compressed Air" cars ?

  1. Reduced cost of car production because there is no need to build a cooling system, spark plugs, starter motor, depollution (emission control) systems or mufflers. 
  2. The self-discharge rate is very low compared to batteries. And no complex process to store them.
  3. Storage Tanks have over 20 000 cycles.
  4. Maintenance is similar but much easier and cheaper than combustion engines.  
  5. Production is not limited by cost or availability of rare raw material like Cobalt, Lithium, Platinum, Copper, Manganese, etc.. 
  6. Ultra Safe Solution : No Risk of Fire, Explosion, Thermal Runaway, Dangerous Leaks, etc... 
  7. Does not depend on any strategic component / raw material from any foreign country.
  8. Just need Air and Eletricity to compress it (with Solar Panels, Wind or Water Turbines, etc...) 
  9. "Cold Air" in the vehicle come free of charge (no additional consumption).  
  10.   More on Wikipedia...

Proximity Vehicles for a Safer & Greener World.
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